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The Graphics Comp!

Post  RetroLove.x on Sat Apr 05, 2008 9:05 am

Enter This Weeks Compatition To Become
A Moderator. You Dont Have To Use The moderator Form This time.
You Just Enter in a Graphic/Banner/Picture/Logo For The Website and The Winners get as Following:

1st Prize: Use Of The Logo On The Top Of The Forum. And A Moderator Chance.
2nd Prize: You Will Get To Be In Our Prize Moderator Draw. (Highest Vote, Wins)
3rd Prize: Your Picture Will be Shown In Our Gallery.
4th Prize and Over: Your Picture Will Be Shown On Our Homepage As Runners Up.

1. Gather At Least Four pictures Of Things From The Nineties.
(6 At The Most) - (3 At The Least)
2. Use Paint, Or A Grpahics Workshop programme e.g Photoshop, Jasc Paint Shop Pro.
3. Use Vibrant bold colours and text of your choice.
3. Pict The pictures together in a Format you like, e.g Merged together, Overlapping.
Your Choice.
4. Save it. And Send It To us Via Email (So Nobody Else Can get it) : P

And We Will Judge It. Then Send The Result and Your Prize Option.
(We are not giving away a posted Mail prize)
Its just a forum thing.

So Yeh Thanks for reading.

Get Going With Those Pictures!

You Have 5 Weeks To Do it.

GO! =]

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